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05 Oct 2009

MINAB is the Mosque and Imam's National Advisory Board. It is a national facilitatory body for good governance in mosques and for improving the performance of Imams and Islamic Teachers through a process of self-regulation based on agreed standards. 

Prior to the appointment of a Chief Executive, MINAB wish to appoint an Interim Director for a fixed six month period to lead the establishment of an office, including managing key relationships with partner organisations and within the Government, carrying out action points agreed by the Board, establishing operating policies, supporting key office bearers and managing clerical staff, and managing the general administration of the office.

The position is based in Ealing, London, and commands a salary of £40,000 per annum pro rata.

MINAB is committed to providing equal opportunities for all and to the principle of appointments on merit with openness and transparency of process.

To obtain the Candidate Brief and Application form contact our retained consultants Waterhouse Consulting or visit their web site at:


Andrew Tromans, Waterhouse Consulting Ltd, 2nd Floor, Newland House, 137-139 Hagley Road, Birmingham, B16 8UA. tel: +44 (0)121 285 0440; e-mail: andrew.tromans@waterhouseconsulting.co.uk.



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22 November 2017
3 ربيع الاول 1439
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